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"ARCANE came about when I decided I wanted to create a deep-dub mix, rather the more intricate riddim sets I usually do. As well as an homage to the genre that got me into DJing in the first place!


Then, I started thinking about how I could make it stand out. Or at least different from the content I have recently put out - which led me to the idea of a visualizer. I've done them in the past, and normally I'll use vizzy to generate an audio reactive video similar to the classic Trap Nation clips. Instead, I went with the handcam route.

It was honestly a feat of ingenuity since I don't have a great setup to record that way. I duct taped my phone to a stand hovering over my mixer, with a ring light leaing against the tabel centered perfectly above. Plus, I had to be careful because any small movement would shake my whole setup.

To get the footage for the visualizer, I filmed my mixer from my phone and recorded the DAW on my desktop at the same time. Then synced them together in post, and added elements from the DAW into the footage as a way to make it more engaging. Using Davici Resolve to combine them, and CapCut to add text and video effects.

The end goal was to create something that would stand out on my EPK, and that I have more diversity than the riddim dubstep mashups on my Instagram." - TERRAN

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