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Terrvform is a platform dedicated to assisting emerging talent in building a brand and marketing their music.

Developed with DJs and music producers in mind, our goal is to fill the platform with actionable guides, resources, free assets, and more.

While we have a deep passion for electronic music, we look forward to sharing a unique selection of soundscapes and ideas from all genres.

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Hello! I’m Terran, the mind behind Terrvform. My musical journey is always evolving - starting as an obsession with 90s boom-bap, later shifting into the world of EDM through glitch-hop, then discovering dubstep & riddim.

Once I experienced a professional DJ set, I immediately bought a Traktor S2 mk2 and started mixing in my bedroom. One month in I released a 10 minute mix on SoundCloud. And a year later I was lucky enough to get in front of my first crowd at a small event! Where my passion for DJing evolved into a necessity.


After some practice and persistence, today I am fortunate enough to have shared the stage with seasoned professionals like Codd Dubz, Bommer, Sully, G-Space, Zeke Beats and more.

Terrvform started as a philosphy – the fusion of a technical performance style with my ever-evolving music taste. Characterized by its intense sound, track layering, building suspense, and subverting expectations. The name signifies the transformation of DJing from simply pressing play to distinctively curating sound.

Now, I see Terrvform growing into a community where members uplift each other to succeed on our own terms. 


The journey has only just begun. While our initial focus is to create music-related resources and spotlight affiliated artists, we have a grand vision for the future.

We are excited to introduce an official Terrvform Mix Series, where we include submissions from the community. Plans are also in motion to expand our blog to cover wider range of topics, offer sample packs, distribute music, and much more.

And for those with an ear to the underground, keep an eye on the Coming Soon list for new additions. A page dedicated to keeping track of our goals, Terrvform-related news, and the latest updates from our brand.

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