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Have a question? Maybe this page can help! If you still can’t find the answer, feel free to Contact Us.

What is Terrvform?

Terrvform is a platform dedicated to assisting emerging DJs and producers in marketing their music and project. We also create apparel to financially support our goals and creatively express the brand.


How are artist selected to be featured on Terrvform?

Artists featured on Terrvform are carefully chosen based on their unique sound, talent, and contribution to their local dubstep community. Our team conducts thorough reviews and occasionally scouts for emerging talents that align with our brand’s values.


Can I submit my mix or track to be featured?

Absolutely! We’re always excited to discover new talent and music. If you’d like your mix or track to be considered, please visit the Mix Submission page.


Can I submit a guest post or article for the blog?

Yes, we welcome guest contributors who have insight and knowledge about the DJing world, electronic music, or related topics. If you have an idea or a finished article you’d like to pitch, please send it to through our Contact Page along with your contact information. Our editorial team will review your submission and get back to you if it aligns with our strategy.


How can I subscribe to the Terrvform newsletter?

To subscribe to our newsletter, scroll to the bottom of this page. Enter your email adress, press Submit, and you’ll be added to our list! As a subscriber, you’ll get regular updates on new blog posts, exclusive content, and the latest news on upcoming events.


How can I advertise or partner with Terrvform?

We’re always open to collaborations and partnerships that resonate with our brand and audience. If you’re interested in advertising opportunities or forming a partnership with Terrvform, please reach out to our team at with your proposal or inquiry. We’ll review and get back to you promptly.

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