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What inspired you to write "Flint"?

"I felt myself getting burnt out constantly trying to write dubstep, even though it’s what I enjoy the most. Every once in a while I’ll start working in a different style, and that’s often when I find something that I really like. This track felt more happy-go-lucky than the normal deep-dub style that inspires me, and the first thing that came to mind was adventure. It makes me feel like I’m meandering through a jungle or temple. At that point I knew I wanted to add a little contrast to my discography."

Did you use any new production techniques or learn anything while writing this track?

“Yea for sure, production techniques, not so much. But I learned that less is more. I feel as if I get caught in a frenzy of trying to cram too much into what I’m working on. I end up losing sight of the whole track. For Flint, I stepped back a bit and tried to simplify my production; I think it paid off.”

Did you face any challenges during the writing and release process?

“Yes actually. I recently ditched my old mastering process because it was too clunky and didn’t work too well. So while I was mastering this track, I was also trying to find a new way to set up my master chain; and I think it paid off. With a combination of default Ableton plugins and an overall master plugin called Masterplan. I was so happy with how it turned out that I actually went through and added it to all my recent projects.”

What does this release mean to you personally?

“This track, and my previous release Wavepool, marked a turning point for me - I realized how important it is to share the projects I get excited about. Once ‘Flint’ gave me that feeling, I knew it would be the perfect follow-up.”

Following this release, what can fans expect next?

“I’m definitely not abandoning my original freeform bass style. That said, my next project will likely be an experimental dubstep EP exploring more familiar techniques.”

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