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17 Strong Call-to-Action Phrases to Promote Your Music


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Jan 18

One challenge in the music industry is standing out among the sea of entertainers and musicians online. To solve this issue, artists use their creative energy to craft engaging Call to Action phrases for their content.

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What is a Call to Action Phrase?

A Call to Action (or CTA) is a direct text prompt you use to inspire an audience to take a desired action. They are built using two specific points: (1) what you want a person to do, and (2) how they can complete that action.

In other words, it’s the spotlight shining on your unique sound.

Imagine a CTA as that catchy pre-drop vocal in your favorite track, it captures your audience’s attention and can be more memorable than the actual content. It’s all about getting them to follow through on the action quickly, and works best when used in a unique way.

How to Write a Call to Action for Music

A compelling Call to Action for music needs to resonate with your target audience and stay true to your brand identity. You only have seconds to influence a person's decision, so make every word special.

Here's how to make your CTA hit all the right notes:

  1. Know Your Audience: Start by learning about your fans. What industry-specific language do they use? What gets them excited? Why would they want to listen to your music? Understanding this will help you write a great Call to Action.

  2. Use Strong Action Verbs: Enhance your request with uncommon verbs like discover, unlock, or experience. Terms like this can change a simple message into a quality invitation.

  3. Highlight a Clear Benefit: Show what’s in it for them. Instead of saying “join my list”, tell them why by saying gain access to my unreleased tracks by joining my email list!

  4. Be Creative: Play around with language, like saying Linkie in Bio instead of “link in bio”. Or using emojis to replace and emphasize words similar to hear my new 🎵 with this link ▶️

  5. Make it Personal: Speak directly to your audience by using words like you and your to make them feel included. Claim your ticket sounds better than any generic CTA.

  6. Make it Urgent: Manufacture FOMO with limited-time offers. Grab your free pack - only available for 24 hours creates a sense of urgency that humans can rarely ignore.

  7. Use Your Brand Image: Align your message with your unique brand voice. If your vibe is cosmic and alien, a CTA like Join Our Interstellar Journey may fit well. Contrast this with a demonic-themed brand, where a CTA like Unleash the Underworld’ might be more on point.

As a musician, you have the opportunity to say something different than the hundreds of brands who advertise to people every day. If you want people to go listen to your music, please do.

17 Call to Action Examples for Music

Crafting a Call to Action phrase is very situational, and as mentioned it can vary based on the scenario, your brand identity, or various other factors. To give you some inspiration, we’ve listed a few examples of common ways DJs, producers, and other musicians use CTAs:

Pre-Save a Spotify Track Call to Action Phrases

  • Be the first to hear (track title) with the pre-save link below

  • Only 24 hours left to pre-save (track title)

  • Pre-save this song for a chance to win the giveaway

  • Click here for early access to my new track

Click to Listen to Music Call to Action Phrases

  • Click the bio linkie to hear my latest project

  • Uplift your day with my newest tune

  • Let this track take you on a musical journey

  • Tap here for an exclusive listen

Free Download Call to Action Phrases

  • Unlock your free sample pack today

  • Get creative with this sample pack, link emoji in bio

  • Spice up your set with this new track

  • Collect your free download here - only 20 left

Buy a Ticket Call to Action Phrases

  • Don’t miss out on this lineup

  • Grab a ticket before prices increase

  • Experience my music live on (event date)

  • Reserve your spot for (venue name)

  • Join us for this unforgettable night

(if you have any other CTA ideas or scenarios we should add to the list, send us a message on X!)

How to Market Your Music Online

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