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Artist Profile: Terran

Terran merges a high-energy stage presence with an intricate mixing style. Every second is hand-crafted with meticulous timing to build suspense and subvert expectations. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, he became obsessed with DJing at 17. Today, he is driven by the desire to curate memorable moments through music. Drawing inspiration from artists like Codd Dubz, Midnight T, and Aweminus to leave his mark on the scene.

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Each release represents a step in the progression of his style, and a piece of the energy that motivates him. From deep dub to riddim, jump-up, and tech house, every  soundscape is formed with a monstrous amount of passion.






Riddim Dubstep



Riddim Dubstep



Riddim Dubstep



Riddim Dubstep

About Terran.

Terran's passion for music formed from the iconic drum patterns of 90s and 2000s hip-hop. With Wu-Tang and Eminem spilling out of his Beats Solo headphones as he roamed the school hallways. Scrolling the depths of SoundCloud and Datpiff for the next hot track - until the day he found electronic music. Introduced by early icons like TheFatRat, Butch Clancy, and Flux Pavilion, he was just in time for the bass revolution.


By high school, every local show was on his calendar. Exploring sounds from underground rap to trap, house, and dubstep. Always infatuated with how artists could manipulate music during a live performance. Then, he experienced his first festival. Awe-struck by the massive community all gathering to appreciate music (and big speakers, of course). Immediately after, he rushed to Guitar Center and spent $500 on a Traktor S2 mk2 to complete one mission:


  • Share with as many people as possible the same infectious energy and intensity that drew him in


Terran was mixing tracks on his kitchen table day and night. One month in, he released a short SoundCloud mix. A few months later, he found himself in front of a live crowd for the very first time. There, his passion for DJing evolved into a necessity.


Over the next 6 years, Terran would release a diverse collection of projects. Touching everything from dubstep and riddim to drum and bass, house, and more. Each transition and drop curated to subvert expectations at every turn.


With every project, Terran searches for new ways to engage his audience. Turning to the internet to create interactive marketing experiences. Livestreams bring the soundscape to life, and visualizers add another dimension. Yet social media is where he truly built a strong bond. To him, it's not just about promoting tracks, but hosting a space where fans who share his passion can come together.


In the past year, Terran pushed the envelope further. Releasing over 700 hours of content to promote his brand. This relentless effort established his place in the community. Building a strong foundation of supporters who eagerly anticipate his next milestone.


Due to this persistence, many of those milestones came to life. A local DJ battle opened the door to Terran's first official event gigs. Where he would join the lineup alongside acts like Bommer, Codd Dubz, and Zeke Beats. He also made his festival debut at Glow Hard, led his first headline show, and released his first guest mix.


More recently, Terran closed out the Massachusetts marijuana festival, Toasted Jam. Then took the stage at the Winter Wake Up festival in Pennsylvania.


Looking ahead, Terran is set on an ambitious series of goals. Regularly releasing DJ mixes and diving into the production of original tracks. As well as curating his first live event, hoping to spotlight the local electronic music scene.


Alongside the music, he is dedicated to turning his website, Terrvform, into the ultimate resource for DJs and producers. Aiming to decode all aspects of modern music marketing and brand development.

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